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The advantage of breeding sites on high voltage power line pylons is manly correlated with the height. Up at about 40 to 60 metres the saker falcons are absolutely undisturbed and protected from access. Some of the main threats to this species, like the theft of eggs and young ones as well as illegal shooting or trapping of adult individuals are reduced to a minimum. Additionally the pylons are the ideal lookout points for the falcons, to watch out for their prey.

Photo high voltage power line

Contrary to medium voltage power lines, which repeatedly pose the threat of electrocution for big birds, the energized phase conductors are substantially further apart on high voltage power lines. Therefore they are not dangerous for the falcons. Also the electric field around the power lines doesn’t seem to disturb the birds. Crows too like to build their nests on the high voltage power line pylons.

The installation of the nest boxes on the high voltage power line pylons is carried out in close collaboration with the team of the APG. A head for heights and surefootedness are required for the installation.

Photo installation
Photo installation
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